3.600 kr


Small diamond hoop in 18K gold

Outside diameter: 12 mm

Inside diameter: 8.7 mm

Total diamond weight: 0.07 ct


Price per piece – not a pair!


How to open and close the earring.


1. Gently press down on the thin pin.

2. At the same time push back the backside of the earring

Both actions must be done at the same time otherwise the lock wont open.


When closing the earring gently push the pin into the back part of the earring.

You will hear a small "click" when the earring is locked.

Remember not to force anything.


NUIT et LINETTE will only create jewelry in solid 18 K or 14 K gold.

White gold is an alloy and will never be perfectly white. Therefore all NUIT et LINETTE’s white gold jewelry is rhodinated. To maintain the white look the jewelry must be plated with rhodium by NUIT et LINETTE at least every second year depending on how frequently the jewelry is being worn.

If a piece of gold jewelry has a matte or textured surface finish there is good chance it will fade over time. If you wish to reapply the original surface finish please contact us by mail and we will remove the dings and scratches from your jewelry and make it look brand new



All diamonds between 0.01 ct and 0.18 ct used by NUIT et LINETTE all have the following qualities. Color F or G, VS – very slightly included and a very good or good cut.

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For pre-orders - Please allow 1-3 weeks for production from order date.

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